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Living with active movement, tempering and being busy with physical training and sport are the important factors of health life style. Active movement that is to say tempering takes possession major place in human’s health life style.That’s why, nowadays it is paid a main attention to create health life style at pupils studying schools, lyceums and also at students studying universities.

“Health life style” is the active method of human life conditions, it consist of conforming order of the day, tempering the organism actively, being busy with sport, eating completely and quality, conforming hygienic rules of eating, achieving communication and ecological culture and avoiding damage habits 1.

1 Karimov I. A. Wishes of intellectual generation. – T.: Sharq, – 1999.



When physical activity slows down, initially, power will decreases, then the supporting of tissues with blood, oxygen and food items becomes worse. The worth changing in muscles of heart will appear, then hormonal and nervous system will be out of order. Because of being passive sitting very much, muscles become weakly early, form of human is bent and the process of physiological old speeds up 1.

That is why; if some students conduct their time with the little movement, even if they are very young, deficiencies are observed in breath organs, stomach intestines and other organs.

Nowadays there are many chances to be active physically at universities and institutes for the students. The process of matter exchange in organism and other processes have been going on since human appeared. Organism develops anatomically and physiologically. All parts of organism always work actively at daytime and will be passively at night. If organism is busy with eating, hard drinking and deals with diverse unpleasant jobs, these situations will damage to health. Moreover, working day and relaxing should be planned.

Harmful habits influence to students upbringing, so we held the arrangements according to healthy life style in students house and higher education establishments to struggle with alcoholism and addiction. The data about harmful results of alcoholism and addicts are given by group teachers or other professors.

Factors which cause the stress and nervous conditions are: losing information in computer, appearing viruses, opening the information difficultly in internet, because it takes long time. In the process of using from computer, people should be careful; they should act oppositely to hygiene in some situations 2.

Mental calmness, actively action, eating healthy, acting to general hygiene and healthy life style, improving the work activities of students’ organism, preventing from some sicknesses in nerve system are demanded.

To improve the health life style – the main task of prophylactic direction in pedagogical field. That’s why; prophylactic performances which are organized among students and publicity jobs are the essential steps to form the healthy life style. Healthy life style plays major role to prevent from heart, blood vein, ontological, some nerves, stomach-intestine and unspecific diseases of lung.

Furthermore, it supplies the right development of human with mental, spiritual, physical, anatomical and physiological conditions. 

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published year: 2018 ,
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