Frequently asked questions

In this page you may find the answer questions on admission comission for the 2019-2020 academic year.



  1. What documents are required for registration?

1. The original of the passport (if any, form 09 or birth certificate);

2. Diploma or certificate (with attachment) origin;

3. If it is honoured one, a proof of it.

2. Can I change my HEE and my directions in on line mode?

         The STC program is not currently available. Contact the responsible 1-OTM responsible operator. 

3. Can an adjunct can opt-in to the curriculum of the selected HEE directions on-line?


         The STC site has this option.

 4. Are the directions of the received directions to be in the same sequence?

         The selected directional sciences should be exactly the same sequence (PD-4319).


5.Who are exempted from payment of documents?

• Graduates of 2019;

• disabled people of I and II groups;

• Orphans of state support;

• Foreigners;

• Professional and creative exams for all subjects;

• Students enrolled in exemption without exams;


6. Can I apply for formal and correspondence courses in one academic year?

         You can apply for one form of education (PD-4319).

7. How will the student know the date and time of participation in the test?

STC permission or from


8. What are the benefits for people with disabilities?

The I and II group of disabled persons receive an additional 2% scholarship for admission day-time, correspondence or evening education.


9. What are the benefits of applicants with a military background referral at the 2019/2020 academic year?

In the course of the 2019/2020 academic year, a five-percent quota for bachelors was allocated for conscripted military personnel in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


10. The three selected HEEs are available in 3 regions. Can I test any of these regions volt test?

You can also select a region to which your documents will be submitted to the admissions office.