Korean language and literature, methods of its teaching department

The foundation of the department: Korean language and literature department in Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami was founded in far 1956. It had difficult way of development. Korean language and literature department has agreements with 25 South Korean Universities, which include exchange programs, research programs, etc. As part of a cooperation agreement we have reference books, textbooks, dictionaries, etc. Our department is equipped with technical facilities such as computers, printers, scans, TVs, projector, etc. Members of the department: Here are our faculty members: B.S. Lee – Professor, Doctor ofEconomic science V.I. Pak – Candidate of Science K.U. Lee – Ph.D, Professor E.V. Tskhay – Senior teacher S.R. Men – Senior teacher I.A. Churbanov – Senior teacher A.A. Pak – Teacher E.A. Lee – Teacher K.Ch. Shim – KOICA volunteer J.Y. Lee – KOICA volunteer Subjects of the department: 1. Practical course of Korean 2. Korean language history and dialectology 3. Basic course of literature’s theory 4. Basic course or calligraphy 5. Hieroglyphics 6. Stylistics 7. History of Korean literature 8. Culture of Korea. Country studies 9. Intercultural communication 10. Methods of teaching Korean 11. Modern Korean literary language 12. Methods of linguistics research Master’s subjects: 1. Practical course of Korean 2. Theoretical morphology and syntax of Korean 3. Semantics of Korean 4. Hieroglyphics 5. Culture and art of Korea 6. Regional Korean studies 7. Methods of specific disciplines Scientists of the department: B.S. Lee, K.U. Lee Scientific researchers of the department: S.R. Men, I.A. Churbanov, A.A. Pak, E.A. Lee