Qualification exams

Qualification exams are held in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to further improve the system of further education” dated May 22, 2017.

To earn a Ph.D., you must pass the following qualified exams: specialty (according to the topic of the thesis). The fundamentals of mathematical modeling and natural sciences, mathematical statistics and questions of mathematical statistics are included in the questions of qualifying examinations in the field of economics, medical and pedagogical sciences; Foreign language (English, French or German). Qualifying exam programs are attached.

1. 03.00.06.pdf     2. 07.00.01.pdf     3. 09.00.01.pdf     4. 13.00.01.pdf     5. 13.00.03.pdf     6. 19.00.05-дастур.pdf     7. 07.00.01rd.pdf     8. 11.00.01 дастур.pdf     9. 13.00.02охири.pdf     10. 19.00.01-дастур.pdf     11. chet tili dastur.pdf