International information bases



Nowadays, almost any intellectual activity without the use of electronic technologies is practically unthinkable, because to get acquainted with the actual scientific, technical and commercial information, a modern information support system is necessary. Universities, research organizations, scientific associations and societies willingly put their materials on the Internet (both on a paid and free basis).
Since about the middle of the last century, electronic databases created in the West include publications from virtually all the most prominent scientific periodicals, scientific and technical reports on research, dissertations, patents, and other types of scientific and technical documentation.
O'tgan asrning o'rtalaridan boshlab G'arbda yaratilgan elektron ma'lumotlar bazalari tadqiqotlarda, dissertatsiyalarda, patentlarda va ilmiy-texnik hujjatlarning boshqa turlarida ilmiy va texnik hisobotlarning deyarli barcha eng nufuzli ilmiy jurnallaridan nashr etilgan.