Primary Education

Currently, the scientific potential of the faculty is 45%. At the department operate three doctors and professors, 14 candidates, including three university professors, 5 associate professors, 6 Acting associate professors, one associate professor of the University, 8 senior teachers and 12 teachers.

The Faculty of primary education and physical training was established in Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute with name “The Department of pedagogy” in 1935.

Firstly, the Department of pedagogics trained teachers of pedagogy and psychology for schools as well as methodologists and tutors for the national education system.

Well-known psychologist, Platon Ivanovich Ivanov ruled this department. At that time there was only one department named “Pedagogy and psychology” and many famous scientists such as Professor K. Bendrikov, assistant professors V. Lubentsov, V. Morozov, K. Radayev, Sh. Boyturova, N. Konstantinova made their contribution to this department.

At this faculty in 1941 the Department of psychology was found and in 1951 – the Department of preschool education. From 1957 it began the preparation of elementary school teachers for the national education system. In order to improve the qualification of the primary school teachers the Department of pedagogy of elementary education was established. This department was managed during certain period by N. Zubairova, I. Xusanxodjayev, O. Turayeva, M. Umarov, A. Azizova, K. Kosimova.

In the period from 1975 to 1983 this Faculty was called as “Elementary education and defectology”. In this period Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor P. Mavlonov worked as the Dean of the Faculty.

During the period from 1983 to1990 this faculty was named as “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education”. This faculty was managed by different people: from 1984 to 1985 – assistant professor S. Nurmatov, from 1986 to 1994 – assistant professor S. Valiyeva, from 1994 to 1996 – assistant professor R. Kobilov, from 1998 to 1999 – professor L. Muminova, from 2000 to 2006 – the Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor M. Khaydarov, from 2006 to 2007 – assistant professor L. Nurmuxamedova.

In 2007 the Faculty of primary education and defectology were established within this faculty. And assistant professor D. Shodmonkulov became the dean of the faculty.

From 2013 the faculty was reestablished as the Faculty of secondary education and physical culture. From 2014 to 2016 Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor B. Abdullayeva, from 2016 to 2017 assistant professor A. Sadikov managed the faculty.

In 2016 – 2017 “Musical education” specialty was included into the faculty. On November 29, 2017 Doctor of Pedagogy A. Akramov was appointed as a dean. At present, the faculty is working on training future teachers of primary classes, physical training and music for innovative activity.

At the faculty there are Russian and Kazakh languages, 5111700 - Primary education and sport educational work, 5111100- Music education, 5112000 - bachelor's degrees on “Physical culture” specialty and 5A111701 - Teaching discipline and methodology (Primary education), 5A112001- "Theory and methodology of physical training and sports" are prepared on magistracy

During the 1017-2018 academic year, 684 students were trained in primary education and sports education, physical culture and musical education.

There are more than 60 professors in the department "Primary education methodology", "Physical culture", "Music education" in the preparation of highly qualified teachers.

At the Faculty of Primary education and physical training there such experienced professors as D.Shodmonkulova, B.Abdullaeva, M.Hamroyev, A.Halikov, M.Jumayev, Kh.Sanaqulov, A.Sadikova, N.Vohidova, M.Orazova, N.Khamidova, D.Abduraximova, Z. Artykbayeva, N.Muhiddinova, A.Nisanbayeva, D.Aytboev for primary education, D.Karimova, Q.Panjiev, Sh Rakhimov, M.Ilhamov, D. Kadyrov in the direction of musical education, U.Rajabov, D.Yunusova, physical education institutions, secondary special professions. They are authors of numerous textbooks and manuals prepared in the curriculum and taught at general secondary schools. At the faculty there are all conditions for students to study. The classes are being held in 29 TV studios, equipped with projectors and computers.

Moreover, there are several clubs in the faculty: "Young Mathematics", "Genius hands", "Vocal play", "Young musicians", "Kurash", "Volleyball" and "Football". In particular, a circle organized under the Department of Music Education and students participating in the “Oltin Meros” Folk Ensemble, the Freiburg University of the Federal Republic of Germany, the National Republic of China, the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Uzbek-German Friendship Society of cultural and educational activities.

R. Sadikov, a graduate of the bachelor's degree in elementary education and sports education, was enrolled in the Master's degree program of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University in 2017-2018.

N. Ishanhodzhaev, a graduate of a Bachelor of Education in "Music Education", was admitted to the magistracy of China's Sian University in 2018-2019.

Nowadays, the faculty graduates have effective pedagogical activity in the system of general secondary education in our country and neighboring countries.



Dean of Primary Education Akramov Abdumalik Abdumutalovich For connecting Phone: 276-75-39