Instruction for the university entrant

The examinee shows to the commission of admission the passport and military certificate personally. 

The examinee must give these documents to the admission comission:

• The application which is shown the education field, studying language and form.(In application paper the information about the graduation the HE or not the rules and filling the answer sheet demands are understandable or not must be shown clearly);

• The original version of information document about the background of specialized education;

• Medical certificate in form 086/-U;

• The copy of passport;

• 3,5x4,5 cm (as a passport) 6 personal photos;

• The original copy of the document which allow to enter without exam the winner of international and republican competitions, Olympiads;

• The examinees who did terminal military service and got the recommendation paper must pass. Their documents till July is after that they are not received.

After checking the documents of examinee as an accurate ones he/she is taken photo by Web camera and received the documents. This photo is entered to the base of examinees and sent to the STC. The documents of examinees who didn’t take the photo aren’t received.

All demands are done which said for the examinees receiving the documents isn’t refused.

The receipt on receiving the documents is given to the examinee.