1. Making amendments and changes to the working plans through analysis of the work conducted so far together with academicians to increase the cooperation productivity. Doctor of historical sciences, Academician A.Asqarov was attached to “Methods of Teaching History” Chair of the University for increasing the cadre potential in sciences of the department, further development of fundamental, practical and innovative researches, making effective use of his scientific potential, and researching his life experience. All councils of the department and meetings of the chair discussed and analyzed the measures on making effective use of the scientific potential of Academician A.Asqarov and his possibilities, as well as arranging meetings with him, improving the teaching process and the spiritual life in the University through making amendments and changes to the working plans. 2. Preparing articles in co-authorship with academicians and prompt publication in newspapers and journals. Academician A.Asqarov has prepared 3 scientific articles reflecting his suggestions and considerations with respect to the pressing issues of the science of history, increasing the quality of education in the university, modernization of academic plans and programs, adopting complex measures for systematic skill improvement of pedagogical cadres, including in leading higher educational and research institutions of foreign countries, re-considering the content of academic plans and programs of disciplines, developing new textbooks and an academic guidance based on and using the advanced foreign experience and their introduction into the educational process. He submitted his articles to “Pedagogika”, “Scientific News of the TSPU” journals and “Pedagog” newspaper published in the University. In particular, the article submitted to “Pedagogika” journal titled “Problems in teaching vocational disciplines in the system of higher education of Uzbekistan: suggestions and analysis” was published in the 2nd edition of the journal. 3. Organizing master-classes with participation of academicians (teaching, conducting scientific researches, seminars, etc.). On January 19, 2017 a round-table discussions were arranged with the participation of faculty members of the university, its senior research fellows and graduate students on the title “Preparing pedagogical cadres: innovative approach and relevant problems”. Aacademician A.Asqarov participated in this event with his lecture “Enforcing the potential of science and education cadres, further improvement of fundamental, practical and innovative researches, the role of academic sciences in the innovative development”. This round table was covered by “Around the world” TV-channel. A.Asqarov also took part in the conference “Uzbekistan along the path of innovative progress” held on February 10, 2017 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the 24th anniversary of adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan with his lecture “Contemporary problems of the science of history and innovative approaches in its research”. This event was attended by 210 students and over 70 faculty members. The conference was videotaped and uploaded onto the university’s web-site. Besides of these, Academician A.Asqarov holds regular meetings with students of the Department of History, conducts master-classes and consulting sessions on a weekly basis. Academician A.Asqarov has also joined a working group formed by the Rector of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University for development of scientific research works, further improvement of the monitoring process in 2017. It is scheduled that he also participates in examining scientific works and their improvement to be held in various departments of the university (Department of Physics and Mathematics on February 14, 2017; The chairs of Inter-Departmental Education - February 15; Department of History – February 16; Department of Foreign Languages – February 17; Department of Vocational Sciences – February 18; Department of Natural Sciences – February 21; Department of Early Education and Physical Culture – February 22; Department of Pedagogue – February 23). Academicien A.Asqarov as an advisor of the university and the member of the Scientific Research Council, was also appointed as a scientific advisor for dissertations of senior research fellows and independent researchers. In particular, А.Аsqarov was an advisor for independent researcher of our university Dilafruz Karimova, who has completed her dissertation on the history of Uzbekistan with the speciality number 07.00.01 and titled “Mourning ceremonies of the people of Northern Bactria and their religious believes” (in the example of material cultural heritages of the bronze age). This work was submitted for the degree of doctor of historical sciences 22.12.2015TAR.01.06 which is given by the Scientific Council at the National University of Uzbekistan. Another independent researcher of our university O.Inomov under the leadership of Academician A.Asqarov completed his dissertation titled “The culture of Qovunchi and its place in the formation of the Uzbek people” and he is about to submit his work to the said council. 4. Preparing stands about activities of academicians (there must be photos reflecting work plans, teaching process, seminars, round table discussions, meetings, work with disciples). A stand was created reflecting the activities of Academician А.Аasqarov in the university. This stand contains information about A.Asqarov’s scientific school, his disciples, a work plan implemented together with academicians, episodes from the activity of academicians, columns for announcements. These columns are updated regularly. Interviews of the academician about the current scientific researches jointly conducted with his disciples to the channels of the National TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan. Academician A.Asqarov gave an interview during the round table discussions titled “Preparing pedagogical cadres: innovative approach and pressing issues” held on January 19, 2017 with the participation of faculty members, senior research fellows and graduate program students of the university. In addition, academician’s disciple, candidate of historical sciences M.Esonov in his interview to the channel “Around the World” underscored that he has organized several regional and international scientific conferences and symposia under the direct leadership and initiative of his mentor Akhmadali Asqarov, which points to fact of establishment of his peculiar “Samarkand archeological school”. All the more, in the same interview he enlightened A.Asqarov’s works and efforts in the research of the history of Uzbekistan in the bronze and early iron age, the ancient culture of town planning and the history of early statehood, ethnogenesis of the Uzbek people and issues of the ethnic history, scientific-methodological and theoretical issues of the science of archeology, research the problem or Aryans and its archeological-historical analysis, research of the history of early Zoroastrianism based of archeological sources.