University Council

The University Council, being the highest collegiate body, coordinates the work in all areas of activity. Adopts resolutions aimed at prompt and high-quality solution of urgent tasks facing the team. The Council is chaired by the University Rector. The Council includes vice-rectors, deans of faculties, leading professors and teachers, as well as customer representatives.

On the basis of article 67 "Regulations on higher education" in the Tashkent State Pedagogical University, the University Council carries out its activities. In its activities, the Council is guided by the “Provision on the Council of the Nizami State Pedagogical University,” developed on the basis of the “Provision on the Academic Council of the higher educational institution”, approved by Order of the MHSSE No. 345 dated December 9, 1998, approved by the University Council “14.3.1 of 24 June 2013 The main task of the Council is to coordinate the implementation of the National Program for Training, to ensure the preparation of highly qualified, competitive personnel based on the widespread introduction of modern pedagogical and information technologies, to form high spiritual and moral qualities for students, such as patriotism, citizenship, and a sense of pride Homeland, dedication to national and universal values. The University Council discusses topical issues, such as: - implementation of state educational standards in accordance with the National Training Program; - reports on educational, research, spiritual, educational and other activities of faculties, academic lyceums at the university, departments and services of the university; - summing up the results of pedagogical, qualification and other practice of students, methodical recommendations, programs and concepts for its improvement; - research, spiritual and educational activities, professional development and retraining of the teaching staff; - preparation, recommendation for publication and discussion in the coordinating council of monographs, textbooks, educational and other literature; - optimization of faculties and departments; - creation of new areas of education (specialties), taking into account the proposals of the marketing service, customers; - recommendation to the higher attestation commission for the academic title of associate professor and professor; - granting creative vacations to university professors to complete work on dissertations, monographs, and educational literature; - holding competitions for vacant positions of the head of the department and the professor of the department on the basis of the Regulation “On the procedure for employing pedagogical personnel in higher educational institutions”; - recommendation of candidates for doctoral studies and other forms of postgraduate education; - the establishment of scholarships on the recommendation of faculties; - recommendation of candidates for the State scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and nominal state scholarships from among undergraduate and graduate students; - other relevant issues related to the activities of the university. For years, the Council of the University has been working on the development of recommendations on topical issues of the development of pedagogical science, training and education in our country. For many years of activity, the University Council discussed and approved hundreds of scientific research topics, the state of implementation of research results in practice, which was an undoubted contribution to the development of the republic’s education system.